William Farina’s Writing Career

cropped-headshot.jpgWilliam Farina began writing non-fiction books in 2004, and has with each work turned his attention to a different topic. This is a reflection of his diverse personal interests and his firm belief that today’s society needs less technical specialization and more critical thinking. To his pleasant surprise, many of his readers feel the same way. His short-essay style combines scholarly research with low-key informality, offering a distinctive kind of executive summary for today’s overstressed reader.

Recent News

bookcoverThe Afterlife of Adam Smith:
The Influence, Interpretation and Misinterpretation of
His Economic Philosophy

Released in 2015 – here’s a peak inside William’s latest book:

“Patient readers will hopefully have as much fun perusing this survey as I had assembling it. Since Smith is rarely read by anyone nowadays, and wrote during an epoch so completely different from our own, specific interpretations of his text and attempts at direct application of his ideas to contemporary problems often become a freewheeling, unaccountable business.” (The Afterlife of Adam Smith)

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