About Bill Farina


William Farina was born and reared in LaPorte, Indiana, where he attended the public schools. He earned a B.A. in English and Philosophy, then a law degree, from Valparaiso University, where he attended undergraduate on a baseball scholarship. Soon after, he moved to the Chicago area and became a member of the Illinois bar. Since the 1970s, he has enjoyed a successful national career as a real estate analyst and consultant. Today, he and his wife Marion Buckley live in Evanston, IL.

A seasoned public speaker and discussion panelist, Bill has appeared as a guest presenter at some of the most distinguished independent book stores and literary venues across the country. His books are about topics which could hardly be more different, yet familiar to most readers.  All explore subject matter normally approached only by specialized academia, but from an enthusiastic layman’s point of view.  He maintains that great books throughout history should be discussed and debated by everyone who enjoys reading, and not merely by small groups of designated experts.