Praise for Chrétien de Troyes and the Dawn of Arthurian Romance

“I love your book! Almost as soon as it arrived, I got caught up in it. Fascinating subject…writing is lucid. Also like the way you organized it: poet, knight, cleric.”
~ Dr. Felicia Hardison Londré, Curators’ Professor of Theatre University of Missouri – Kansas City
Dean Elect of the American Theatre College of Fellows
“Kudos to William Farina for an impressive achievement. Farina organizes his material well and provides a structure that readers will find useful (literary themes, historical themes, religious themes). His prose is clear, his explanations interesting, his case for Chrétien de Troyes compelling. Farina adds a helpful timeline and chapter notes. In all, this book is an important resource for anyone curious about Arthurian romance and its French-Norman roots.”
~ Dr. Ren Draya, Professor of English & American Literature – Blackburn College

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