William Farina’s Writing Career

cropped-headshot.jpgWilliam Farina began writing non-fiction books in 2004, and has with each work turned his attention to a different topic. This is a reflection of his diverse personal interests and his firm belief that today’s society needs less technical specialization and more critical thinking. To his pleasant surprise, many of his readers feel the same way. His short-essay style combines scholarly research with low-key informality, offering a distinctive kind of executive summary for today’s overstressed reader.

Recent News

bookcoverSaint James the Greater in History, Art and Culture

Released in 2018 – here’s a peak inside William’s latest book:

Among the 12 disciples of Jesus, perhaps none has inspired more magnificent art—as well as political upheaval—than Saint James the Greater. Portrayed in the New Testament as part of Jesus’ inner circle, he was the first apostle to be martyred. Eight centuries later, Saint James, or Santiago, become the de facto patron saint of Spain, believed to be a supernatural warrior who led the victorious Christian armies during the Iberian Reconquista. After 1492, the Santiago cult found its way to the New World, where it continued to exert influence.

Today, he remains the patron saint of pilgrims to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela. His legacy has bequeathed a magnificent tradition of Western art over nearly two millennia.

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