Past Events

April 6, 2018: Terrific sold-out event at the DANK-Haus German American Cultural Center in Chicago’s vibrant Lincoln Square neighborhood.  Venue one of the city’s great hidden gems.  Bill gave a PowerPoint presentation and book-signing for his book “The German Cabaret Legacy in American Popular Music” during intermission for a delightful performance by cabaret artist Elizabeth Doyle.  Danke to the DANK-Haus for their  attentive hospitality.

October 14, 2017: Bill attended lectures for the 2017 Conference of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship held at the Loyola University Corboy Law Center.  Thanks to everyone for a warm reception and especially Dr. Earl Showerman for his praise of “De Vere as Shakespeare: An Oxfordian Reading of the Canon.”

October 11, 2017: Bill appeared at the historic Riverside Public Library to give a YouTube presentation and book signing for his “German Cabaret Legacy in American Popular Music”.  Audience was lovely.  Special thanks to Brent Bowles for his technical support.

September 10, 2017: Wonderful event (yet again) at the Oak Park Public Library, where Bill gave a PowerPoint presentation and book signing for his “German Cabaret Legacy in American Popular Music”.  Special thanks to the staff at OPPL for all their support.

July 22, 2017: Bill returned to familiar territory to give a PowerPoint presentation and book signing for his “German Cabaret Legacy in American Popular Music” at the Oak Park Arms retirement community, 408 South Oak Park Avenue.  A signed copy of the book was donated to OPA library in memory of our late friend and dedicated Oxfordian, Ms. Constance Charles (1895-2006).

June 15, 2017: Bill was pleased to present an updated and integrated sound plus vision program for his 2013 book “The German Cabaret Legacy in American Popular Music” at the Renaissance Court of the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington Street.  On a personal note, the event fulfilled a longtime desire of the author to present at a facility enjoyed by him for many decades.

June 11, 2017: As part of his day job, Bill was invited to present at the International Valuation Conference held this year in Ottawa, Canada, co-sponsored by the American and Canadian Appraisal Institutes.  During his presentation on the history of the USDA (founded in 1862), he was able to work in relevant bits from his 2007 book “Ulysses S. Grant, 1861-1864: His Rise from Obscurity to Military Greatness”.

December 13, 2016: Bill was honored and thrilled to be this year’s keynote speaker at the Chicago Newberry Library’s annual volunteers’ luncheon.  For an audience of over a hundred Bill presented a sound and vision program for his 2013 book “The German Cabaret Legacy in American Popular Music”.  Many thanks to all who attended and made this such an enjoyable experience.

Other Past Events

More recently, Bill spoke at Redbery Books in Cable, Wisconsin, as a participant in that store’s popular “Read Local” event.  He read excerpts from his 2012 book “Eliot Asinof and the Truth of the Game.”  Thanks Redbery!

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