Praise for De Vere as Shakespeare

Winner 2006 Award for Scholarly Excellence  ~ Concordia University Portland, Shakespeare Authorship Research Centre

“Many, many congratulations on a fascinating and definitive contribution to the Oxfordian cause. Your book is quite riveting, the research involved, stunning, and conclusions, inescapable! Thank you for a wonderful read.”
~ Sir Derek Jacobi, Actor
“An invaluable source of insights and arguments in the great Shakespeare/Oxford debate.”
~ Michael York, Actor
“Regardless of one’s authorship allegiances, Mr. Farina makes a strong case for the Oxfordians in his passionate, entertaining book. Whether we choose to believe that De Vere was Shakespeare or not, anyone with an interest in Shakespeare the man, or in his works, will benefit from Farina’s research.”
~ Jeff Christian, Artistic Director, The Shakespeare Project of Chicago
“Bill Farina’s De Vere as Shakespeare provides, at last, full backgrounds to each of Shakespeare’s canonical works, with precise attention to sources and how they would have been available to the poet/playwright, and without ignoring material just because it does not fit the Stratfordian paradigm. Farina is fair to the speculative connections between the works and Will Shakspere’s sketchy life records, but it becomes abundantly clear, once again, that Oxford is Shakespeare. Every published edition of each Shakespeare work should now replace its introductory essay with the appropriate Farina chapter.”
~ Michael E. Delahoyde, Ph.D., Professor of English – Washington State University
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“William Farina’s De Vere as Shakespeare is an enlightening study of solid evidence that gives credibility to the theory that Edward De Vere might well be the author of the Shakespeare canon. In contrast to the would haves, might haves, or probably dids that lace the biographical studies of Shakespeare of Stratford, Farina provides scrupulously documented details from De Vere’s life that link him to not just some, but all of the works credited to Shakespeare. It is a huge task that the author undertakes, and his lucid style, in addition to his careful scholarship, add to the value of this important book.”
~ Sheila Scott, English Instructor – Trinity College Prep High School, River Forest, Illinois
De Vere as Shakespeare is the perfect resource for teachers who want to pique their students’ interest in Edward De Vere as the likely great Elizabethan Bard. Because William Farina has organized his book into chapters that each focus on one of the Shakespeare plays, it is easy for teachers and students to discuss the authorship question as it relates to the play they’ve studied. The impressive research in the Hamlet chapter alone was enough to convince my Advanced Placement English students that De Vere must not be dismissed.”
~ Kathryn Hutchinson, Teacher – Buffalo Grove High School, Buffalo Grove, Illinois

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