Praise for Ulysses S. Grant, 1861-1864

“It’s careful and crafted … indispensable and then unbeatable, like the General himself …. [A] gentle, accessible read, with engaging style and a welcome wit …. The focus is a tale told well … deep research coupled with accessibility.”
~ Paul Hughes, Civil War News
“A lively narrative tightly focused on Grant’s amazing generalship in the west. Farina’s account is a model of clarity and precision.”
~ Jean Edward Smith, Professor of History – Marshall University and author of the award-winning biography Grant
” … It is a fascinating book …”
~ Alex Coleman, Co-host of Live at 9 – WREG-TV, Memphis
“The best book about me that I didn’t write.”
~ U.S. Grant
(University of Texas Professor and Civil War re-enactment expert Dr. Phillip T. Kolbe, who portrays the general when he presents his corporate training seminar “Executive Leadership Lessons from General Ulysses S. Grant.”)

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